Image: Satan’s face in Africa

In The Signs That Cause Belief, page 4, we saw Satan’s image engraved on Africa, as seen here.

Next, in “Satan In the Gulf of Mexico” on the Remnant Bride Blog, we saw precisely the same evidence of Satan in the Gulf of Mexico, with one exception—his horn has been broken off by the rod, Florida. From that posting, following is the image of Africa placed in the Gulf, with a very slight alteration.

To see the actual image of Africa migrate into the Gulf, click here You will notice that the boot of Italy that crushes the head of Satan in Africa, is replaced by the boot of Louisiana, and fits precisely into the crushed head of Africa. Also, equally amazing, there is the indentation in Texas that allows Satan’s skullcap to fit precisely, confirming not only the presence of the skullcap, but Yahweh’s intentional design here. The cranium fits perfectly, and with slight adjustment in location the horn fits precisely into the notch in Florida. But in the Gulf, the testimony is that the horn is broken off by the rod.

Recently, the son of a Bride brother was looking at his geography book to see if Yahweh had placed Satan’s image anywhere else on this earth. And yes, unmistakably he found it—this time, appropriately, in the depths of the ocean! Here is what he saw. It is a map of the world’s volcanoes, and in it we see the largest image yet of Satan. To facilitate seeing this, Satan’s head is identified by grayscaling the areas outside of his image. The exceptions to this are the two other images of Satan—Africa and the Gulf of Mexico. They too are not grayscaled. Click on the image to view its full size.

The volcanoes here are identified in red. You might notice the well known Ring of Fire that inscribes most of his image. In this next map, we see the tectonic plates, which are the pieces of the earth’s crust that are moving slightly, thereupon causing these volcanoes and earthquakes. There are reportedly seven major plates in the earth, and seven secondary plates. The boundaries of these plates are marked in red. You will notice that the perimeters of the plates evidence the volcanoes. Again, click on it to enlarge.

Satan’s image here is comprised of the Pacific Plate in the Pacific Ocean, the largest of all the tectonic plates, along with the small Philippine Plate at the base of his skull; and the characteristic and unmistakable horn is the small Cocos Plate.

Similarities in all three of these images of Satan are not only unmistakable, but also conclusive. First, the Pacific image definitely possesses the characteristic head with the distinct cranium that is seen in Africa and the Gulf, as well as the slender face with nose seen in Africa. Second, the horn on the forehead in all three of these is profoundly confirming that each is indeed Satan (Daniel 7:8).

Adding even more exceedingly affirming evidence is the two-blow death that comes to Satan—to the top of the head and to the temple. As addressed in The Signs That Cause Belief, page 5, the first Remnant is the heel that crushes Satan’s head, while it is the latter second Remnant tent peg to the temple that kills him. As you will see, these two blows are remarkably evidenced in this Pacific tectonic image as well.

Also in page 4 of The Signs That Cause Belief, it is stated: Nor is it without Divine plan that of these fifty states [in the US], a two-part Remnant is located outside of the continental 48Alaska and Hawaii, the concluding two Remnant representatives.” The contiguous forty-eight states are Christianity, split two-thirds and one-third by the Rockies. This evidentiary pattern is confirmed all the more in that Alaska is located north of the most northern part of the forty-eight, and Hawaii is located south of the most southern part of the forty-eight. Even as the Body of Christ passes between the split two-part Remnant, so the forty-eight states pass between Alaska and Hawaii. Furthermore, as stated in One Thing You Still Lack, page 12, Alaska is prophetic of the first Remnant, and Hawaii is prophetic of the second Remnant. This is precisely what we see in this most recent revealing and confirming image of Satan.

We have noted that in Africa it is the boot of Italy that crushes Satan’s head, and in the Gulf of Mexico it is the boot of Louisiana that, in like manner, crushes his head. In the Pacific testimony, once again we see Satan’s head being thoroughly crushed, this time by first Remnant Alaska.

But, what is the second blow to Satan that finalizes his death? It is Jael’s tent peg that is driven into his temple. While Lake Chad marks the spot of that death-blow in Africa, in the Pacific Plate it is none other than second Remnant Hawaii. In the following United States Geological Survey map, we see that Hawaii is specifically identified as the “Hawaiian ‘Hot Spot.’ “ Click to enlarge.

In this vast plate circumscribed with a host of volcanoes, its interior is almost completely void of any. Even so, it is amazing and MOST significant that at the very place where the second-Remnant-blow death of Satan would be effected, Yahweh placed this incredible volcanic “hot spot,” forming the most remote island cluster on the entire earth. And by Yahweh’s design, these remote islands became America’s fiftieth state, the number of Jubilee. Measured from its base on the sea floor, Hawaii is lifted up out of the sea of death as the tallest mountain in the world, 3,280 feet taller than Everest! The next image will give you some idea as to how unique this second Remnant island is. Click to enlarge.

If this is not already sufficient vivid testimony, you will notice in this image that there exists a chain of underwater volcanoes extending west from the outer reaches of the Aleutian Islands of Alaska which attest to the first Remnant crushing Satan’s head. But most remarkably, this underwater testimony does not end there. Marked on the map by a red line, you will notice that there is a continuation of a chain of volcanoes that go southward, and then turn southeast, culminating at the islands of Hawaii. What do we see here? It is the scarlet thread that connects the two Remnant, uniting the two as one, even as Alaska and Hawaii are connected. This is an original map that has not been altered in any way, including the attesting scarlet thread.

In a March 24, 2002, e-mail titled “To Cast the Lot—Purim,” this critical existence of the scarlet thread is noted.

Today, we as the second Remnant need a legal right as well in order to receive the power that was purchased by the first Remnant through their death. Thus we find that while the first Remnant reaches forward to us for deliverance from Satan and death, the second Remnant reaches backward to the first Remnant for birthrights and the power they have purchased by their blood. As the second bird of Leviticus 14 [which was accompanied by a scarlet thread], there must be some way in which the second Remnant can have legal contact with the first Remnant so that their blood as the first bird can be applied to us, so that their life can be imparted to us. This essential relationship is equally seen in the two sons of Tamar. It was the scarlet thread which Zerah obtained by being the first to place his arm out of the womb, securing the rights of the first-born, even though he was actually born after the breach (Perez). Equally there must be a way in which we as the second Remnant can make contact with the first Remnant and legally secure the scarlet thread. Similarly, like the two fish in Pisces which are joined together by a common thread [see image below], of necessity there must be a legal link or thread that unites the two Remnant. Finally, even as Yahshua was able through the Nazirite vow to establish a legal link all the way back through time to the original Garden of Eden in order to die for all men and release them from the original curse, so the second Remnant must now have a legal link that spans back 2,000 years in time.

As addressed in that e-mail, this scarlet thread is the office of this twelfth apostle. And this is precisely what we see testified here in the Pacific Ocean. Even as that office passed into death with the death of Judas and went to Satan for 2,000 years, so we see that the visible presence of this amazing volcanic chain disappears into the ocean—from the Aleutian Islands to the Hawaiian Islands. Even as Zerah’s arm was drawn back into the womb, so the scarlet thread was drawn back into death, into darkness, into the womb, into the depths of the earth (Psalm 139:15), until the breach (Perez) was completed. For 2,000 years that office has not even been recognized, but has in fact been possessed by the very one whose image is inscribed on the ocean floor of the Pacific—Satan! This is the one whose head was crushed by the first Remnant, and whose end will come when that office arises out of death in the second Remnant Elijah and the final tent peg is driven into his (Satan’s) temple! After 2,000 years, evidenced by Hawaii, once again that office will be seen by man.

This is an incredibly revealing and confirming testimony, but there is even more. In Songs of Solomon 8:8-10, the two Remnant are seen in two sisters—the first Remnant little sister who “has no breasts,” and the fulfilling second Remnant sister whose “breasts were like towers.” The fulfilling latter work brings forth the kingdom that brings peace (vs. 10). This is the very testimony we see in Hawaii. You will notice in the previous map that there are two towering mountains on Hawaii. These are Mauna Loa at 13,679 feet, and Mauna Kea at 13,796 feet, seen in the following topography map as well.

Though first Remnant Alaska has taller mountain ranges, relative to the size of Hawaii island these two mountains are indeed towering. In addition, given their outstanding presence and distinct proximity to each other, as seen in this next image they indeed testify to the breasts of the fulfilling second Remnant sister.

Why would Yahweh do this? To add confirming testimony to His word, and because His ways and truths are replicated in every realm, even natural creation. These are His finger prints, seen in everything He touches. From the highest heavens, to the lowest ocean, Yahweh reveals Himself, His ways, and His works.

With all of this evidence, there is little room for doubt that in these three separate locations, Yahweh is revealing to man the very image and testimony of Satan. One could dismiss these if there was little more than the shape of a head. But, add to this the distinctive cranium; as well as the immensely relevant little horn on the forehead; and then the telling crushing of the head in each case, two unmistakably by boots; as well as the tent peg to the temple; and now add the truly incredible testimony of the scarlet thread in the Pacific Ocean and the two breasts. All in all, the evidence is truly undeniable!

Now, let us take these revealing testimonies one important and timely step further. On April 20, 2010, the Deepwater Horizon oil well located forty-one miles off the Louisiana coast in the Gulf of Mexico exploded, producing an unstoppable gusher of black oil. And, as we know, the Gulf is one of three revealed images of Satan’s head. In the following image of the Gulf of Mexico seafloor, you can see the well’s location, just in front of the boot of Louisiana. Click to enlarge.

Many have asked what the prophetic significance might be for this dramatic event. Of course Christians try to relate it to the book of Revelation, as if it is some apocalyptic fulfillment. But they have no depth of understanding and are blind to what Yahweh is doing, both in the earth and in the church, the kingdom of heaven.

If the well was at a location like Lake Chad and Hawaii, then we would conclude that it is a testimony related specifically to the second Remnant. But its location is moreso associated with the first Remnant, yet not directly since it is not under the boot but in front of it. Even so, we do know that oil is prophetic of the Holy Spirit. And as you know, in Zechariah 4 the two Remnant are specifically called the “two sons of fresh oil.” But, is it in fact natural oil that we need today? Not at all. That oil may be sufficient to give us power in our cars and planes and boats to transport us to places and things not otherwise available, but the oil we have to have is sufficient to cause us to ascend alive into heaven.

Keep in mind, the natural testimonies of the heavenly fulfillment lead only to corruption and death. For example, the kingdom of heaven that man has possessed for the last 2,000 years while in the flesh, has lead to the corruption of the kingdom and eventual death. On the other hand, the kingdom of heaven that is from above is immortality and righteousness. Furthermore, when Immanuel comes He will rule and reign over the entire earth. Man attempts the same with the United Nations and a new world order, and it too does and will bring death, oppression, and corruption. Airplanes, automobiles, telephones, radio, television, the internet, pharmaceuticals, doctors, man’s government, are all natural efforts to bring forth the perfect kingdom of heaven, but each fails and corrupts.

This is the very thing we are seeing taking place in the Gulf of Mexico. What do we need from heaven that the Deepwater Horizon well evidences? The oil we need is not black oil that comes out of the earth. The color black speaks of death and darkness. No, the oil we need is the oil of the Holy Spirit that comes from above. Man seeks to tap the earth for earthly wealth and gain, while the Bride seeks to tap the heavens for heavenly wealth and gain. And in what measure do we need this heavenly oil? The best and most fitting word to describe that oil and promised fulfillment is “Gihon”!

Gihon is the second river that comes from the river that flows out of Eden, and as addressed in “Four Rivers From Eden,” it is the latter rain. The Pishon is the former rain, and the Gihon is the latter rain. The word “Gihon” means “bursting forth”! This is precisely what we must have today, specifically in order that the second Remnant can be formed, completing the work begun by the first Remnant, and prepare the way for Immanuel. There must be the bursting forth of the latter rain!

At the time of this writing, we are into the third month since the April 20 Deepwater Horizon eruption with little relief. No matter what man has done in his attempts to stop it, they have either entirely failed or come short of solving the problem. And even the attempts that are being pursued now are not a guarantee. Once this bursting forth, this Gihon, began, man has not been able to stop or control it. This will be the same with the Gihon of the Holy Spirit. When it bursts forth, no man will be able to stop or control it!

The contrast between these two is, once again, between the natural and the spiritual. The natural black oil is from below, bringing death and loss to the Gulf. But, the oil of the Holy Spirit is from above, and will bring life and abundance. The natural black oil from below is bringing pollution and uncleanness. But, the oil of the Holy Spirit from above will bring purification and righteousness.

So, why is this testimony being evidenced in the Gulf of Mexico, the cranium of Satan? The answer is in what was just stated. We know that the Gulf of Mexico attests to Satan, the image seen in Africa. Will the Gihon of the Holy Spirit be profitable for the Bride? Very much so! In fact, it is critical for us. But, will the Gihon of the Holy Spirit be profitable for Satan? No. In fact, it will be to his death! And this is what we see testified in the Gulf right now. The concern is for what the adverse outcome will be, for the Gulf and for those who make their living from it.

Of course this brings us to the subject of Christianity, for they are identified in Africa as well. Therefore, the Gihon of the Holy Spirit will not be good for it either, for it will reveal its error and corruption.

Furthermore, as reported in the news, beaches are being closed and others are not being visited. What we see instead are men with white clothing, cleaning the sandy shores. This is quite hopeful and much needed. When there is the Gihon of the Holy Spirit, people will cover their nakedness and white garments of righteousness will be donned (Revelation 7:9, 13, and 14).

This now leads us to one final related matter. We have just seen that a Gihon of black oil is a negative testimony of something to take place which is immensely good. We have also seen how Hawaii is prophetic of the second Remnant, even the Elijah who is the fulfillment of the scarlet thread. Today though, we have someone from Hawaii who is the full bloom of the Curse of 1920 and is rapidly effecting the destruction of America in a multitude of ways—President Barack Obama. As with the oil or Hawaii, Obama speaks of something to be fulfilled that is immensely good and is the culmination of the scarlet thread. But also as with the oil, he is a black man, and prophetically is just as destructive and threatening as is the black oil, as long as they both flow unrestrained.

That which we need today is what President Obama testifies to, the contrast to earthly testimonies that will be the promised fulfillment from above. We need the Elijah, the fulfillment of the scarlet thread, and the establishment of those who will rule and reign with Immanuel for a thousand years. Quite revealing and confirming, Obama’s Chief of Staff is Rahm (ram) Emanuel, who is Jewish. So we have the black man from second Remnant Hawaii with Emanuel. But as with the natural, Obama’s and Emanuel’s places are backwards, for Immanuel will be the One who rules, and His Bride rules with Him. America means “heavenly kingdom,” and it is not the nations level heavenly kingdom that needs a fulfillment from Hawaii to govern, but the Bride who will govern over the kingdom and the nations of the earth under Immanuel.

Thus, what we see here in the black man from Hawaii at the nations level with the same result of a curse, needs to be fulfilled by the second Remnant with righteousness. Again, the natural efforts to bring forth the kingdom fail and corrupt, but also foreshadow the coming true fulfillments. This is the testimony that Yahweh is giving us today, both in the Gulf of Mexico and in Barack Obama from Hawaii.

Hawaii is often referred to as paradise and is desired by many. But the paradise we must have is, once again, that which is from above. From Songs of Solomon 8:10 we read, “I was a wall, and my breasts were like towers; then I became in his eyes as one who finds peace.” The hope of the Bride is that what Yahshua began 2,000 years ago, today He will finally receive in long awaited fulfillment. It is quite fitting that the location of this entire testimony is indeed in the Pacific Ocean, for “Pacific” means “peaceful.”

Yahweh is marvelous in all His testimonies, hiding them from the blind, but revealing them to those who are like children, attested by the Bride brother’s son who first saw this image of Satan buried in the Pacific. We look to Him to complete the fulfillment of His Bride that brings peace, even the Prince of Peace.


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