On Passover evening, Saturday, April 25, we who gathered had one of the most stimulating, comprehensive, and rewarding conversations I have had since 1990 when a like conversation ensued with some Christian brothers.  The conversation on Sunday morning was equally enjoyable and profitable.  The fellowship throughout the two days was valued and enjoyed by everyone.  Did we see evidenced the power that we oh so need and must have?  No.  But, everyone went away refreshed and grateful for our rewarding time together.

So what now?  With Passover on Saturday, then Yahshua’s resurrection would have been on Tuesday; but, the only thing that resurrected for me on that day was my commitment to go drive a truck.  I found out that the test for a CDL permit would be offered the next day, so once again I began studying to get ready to go to truck-driving school.  Why?  Because I am a realist and am not interested in aimlessly writing so as to attempt to justify the financial help of others.  My conscience will not allow that, plus I felt loss and disappointment.  But to be honest, the loss and disappointment was only partially because of my hope for the Bride work, for the more immediate pain was the certainty of the continued loss of my family.  To be further honest, with the pain and certainty of their continued rejection of me, I would then reject them.  

When I went to bed Tuesday night, I resolved that I would pursue truck driving.  Then, just before 3:00 a.m., I awoke from a dream.  In it, I was searching for my wife on the streets of a town and could not find her.  Upon my return from looking, I turned around and there was a woman dressed in a full-length linen dress who I perceived had been walking immediately behind me for some time, but I had not seen her.  Her heart was one of willing yieldedness.  Then I woke up.

My response upon awaking was that I wished my wife could have been equally faithful in her relationship with me, staying with me even though she did not understand or agree with me.  I wished that she could have stayed with me in the difficult times, just as this woman in my dream evidenced, giving herself to me freely.  Then, as much as I had wished this for her, I realized that I should have the same faithfulness in my walk with Yahshua.  Can I follow Him as well when it is difficult, painful, or I do not understand or am disappointed?  If I wish for this trust for my wife in her relationship with me, can I evidence the same in my relationship with Yahshua?  If I want my wife to walk in such manner so as to be faithful and in step with me and to come home, then how can I expect this unless I evidence it?

I was indeed disappointed that I/we did not receive power, but I have to trust that Yahshua is leading me, and therein leave the results to Him.  I have to do the same as I would wish for my wife.  As Peter wrote concerning wives, men are to do likewise in relation to Yahshua:

In the same way [as a servant, as addressed in the preceding eight verses], you wives, be submissive to your own husbands so that even if any of them are disobedient to the word, they may be won without a word by the behavior of their wives, as they observe your chaste and respectful behavior.  Your adornment must not be external—braiding the hair, and wearing gold jewelry, or putting on dresses; but the hidden person of the heart, with the imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is precious in the sight of God.  For in this way in former times the holy women also, who hoped in God, used to adorn themselves, being submissive to their own husbands; just as Sarah obeyed Abraham, calling him lord, and you have become her children if you do what is right without being frightened by any fear [1 Peter 3:1-6].

Was I willing to exhibit the same in my relationship with Yahshua, my head, and trust Him without fear?  The words of Job came to my mind as I considered my like submission: “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him” (Job 13:15).  The choice was therefore made: I will look to Yahweh for the days ahead, even though I might not understand; I will not go to truck-driving school, but trust in Him.  I will be a faithful “wife” to Yahshua.

What then do the days ahead hold for me and the Bride?  This we will have to see.  I had told some that the only other hope for something to happen later by virtue of types was forty days later.  Why forty days?  Because Yahshua began His ministry with a forty-day-and-night delay when He went into the wilderness, and upon completing that then turned the water into wine at Cana.  In similar manner, He ended His ministry on this earth by remaining for forty days following His resurrection, then ascended into heaven.  Therefore, He began His public ministry with a forty-day delay, and ended it with forty days.  However, I also said at that time that this type was seemingly obscure, and was not worthy of me delaying plans to go drive a truck.

Upon my decision to remain faithful and trust in Yahshua, I wondered what would be the outcome if I counted forty days back from my upcoming wedding anniversary on June 6?  You might recall that it was in June of 1994 that the Holy Spirit came upon me and began revealing Bride truth.  So, would Yahweh repeat this in 2009?  Interestingly, counting back forty days from June 6 brings one to April 28, the third day of Unleavened Bread when Yahshua resurrected from the dead and His latter forty-day count began.  Therefore, these particular forty days in 2009 would match His forty days in 33 AD. 

This upcoming June 6 will also be my wife’s and my fortieth wedding anniversary, and we were married on 6669.  Of course, 666 is good and is the number of the Bride.  And keep in mind, when my wife and I were beginning to date, Yahweh sent one of my pet ravens to fly across town to her bedroom window and call to her (The Raven).  Recently she wrote me and expressed her hope that we would celebrate this fortieth anniversary together, but also knew it would take a miracle.  That miracle we all need.

Is this extension now to June 6 even realistic?  It is certainly noteworthy, but its reality will be determined only if something begins in a public way as a result of it.  But remember, Yahshua did not begin His public ministry until some forty days after His baptism when He turned the water into wine at the wedding in Cana.  Atonement marked the beginning of His fulfillment of the latter half of the covenant with the many, but the covenant was not publicly evidenced for forty days.

Am I excessively stretching out all of these feasts and events, now over a period of almost eight months—October 16 to June 6?  No, I am only step by step being realistic with the facts.  We will wait and see what will unfold; but, there is hope.  We gathered for Passover and had a wonderful time together.  Now we will see if Yahweh is delaying until June the beginning of the public ministry in the remaining Elijah portion of the covenant with the many.  Yahshua’s public ministry was delayed forty days; therefore, so could Elijah’s.  I hope this is the case.  If indeed this is what Yahweh is doing, all that has taken place from Trumpets, October 16 (my wife’s birthday as well), 2008, remains active—Trumpets, Tabernacles, the great eighth day, Tabernacles Pentecost, and Passover.  Also, these sequential events would begin at my wife’s birthday, and begin to come to fulfillment at our fortieth wedding anniversary.

And may I say here, the awakenings at Mount Carmel Hospital in New York that were the subject of the movie, ”Awakenings,” began in June, 1969, as well—during the time of our wedding.  As a result of a sleeping-sickness outbreak in the 1920s, the affected subject people had Parkinson’s-like symptoms that made them like statues.  Parkinson is my wife’s maiden name, and on June 6 she was no longer a Parkinson.

Could something indeed happen in June, 2009?  Well, I do know that something happened to me fifteen years ago in June, 1994, something that dramatically changed my life.  Can it be repeated?  We will see.  If so, it will not only be the culmination of the last fifteen years, but more recently the culmination of these feast-related events beginning with the flip on Trumpets, October 16.  This is when time changed from the old Passover-first calendar, to the creation Tabernacles-first calendar.  Following that was Tabernacles from October 30 through November 5, with the great eighth day on November 6.

Following those fall feasts were the three forty-nine-day counts to Pentecost.  The first count overlapped on December 26, and the second on February 13.  The latter was the same day when I began to speak out at the Georgia Dome at the Promise Keepers meeting in 1996, which was the beginning of the end of my family.  The third and final count led to Tabernacles Pentecost on April 3, two days following the birth day of my daughter, Grace, when Yahweh miraculously repaired her breech in 1992.

Next followed the Daniel 10 twenty-one-day delay that led to Passover, April 25.  Of course we realized that Passover marks the beginning of the Elijah portion of the covenant with the many.  Also, April 28 correlated with the day of Yahshua’s resurrection under the New Millennial Calendar.  And remember, while His Atonement baptism took only a moment, His Passover baptism took three days.  If indeed the Elijah period began April 25, and even more specifically April 28, we find that there is a forty-day period that leads to June 6, my fortieth wedding anniversary.  And just as two days before the April 3 Tabernacles Pentecost was the birth date of my third daughter, Grace, so two days before June 6, on June 4, is the birth date of my fourth daughter, Katheryn.  As addressed in A Lesson From Intercession, page 8, these latter two girls are in type the second Remnant.  Yahweh miraculously repaired the breech for Grace, and like the second bird in the cleansing of the leper (Leviticus 14:1-7, a type of the second Remnant), Katheryn was born dipped in blood due to partial placenta previa.  Once again we wait to see what Yahweh will now do.  He sure has some most interesting facts that give hope for something marvelous and good to happen, and is long awaited!

It has always been a puzzle to me that the Spirit came upon me in June, 1994, at a time when there was not a feast.  But now that we see what could happen in June, 2009, via the above, we understand that June, 1994, would have been a foreshadowing, even a foretaste, of June, 2009, or shortly thereafter.  If so, I can tell you that it will be wonderful!  June, 1994, is when I ate the little book that was so exceptionally sweet to my mouth.  May that sweet book now have its promised outcome which we read in Revelation 10:11:

“You must prophesy again before many peoples and nations and tongues and kings.”

It is worthy to note here as well that as in other cases during this eight-month journey, I did not see the fullness of these hopeful matters until I first committed to trusting Yahweh.  This occasion whereupon I am writing you now is no exception, only this time it took a dream.

The question remains to be answered: Are we indeed on the right course?  Are we following Yahshua?  Is He leading us even when we do not see what we had hoped for or expected?  I would say yes.  Who else has been shown the three-and-a-half-year Elijah portion of the covenant with the many?  Who else has been shown the origin of the Elijah ministry through Judas and Satan, and the necessity for the serpent to turn back into a rod in a man? 

Who else has been shown the New Millennial Calendar, and the absolute necessity for the flip—making Tabernacles the first of the year so the new heavens and new earth can be created?  Who else has been shown the necessity of adding a Pentecost to Tabernacles, and that the count to it is three forty-nine-day counts, both of which are never directly stated in the Scriptures, though they are in fact evidenced there?  Who else knows that Elijah went up Mount Sinai a ninth time, fulfilling the promise given to Moses regarding his eighth trip?  Who else knows that the death of the seven presidents every twenty-year election cycle, along with Reagan who escaped death and second-Remnant-attesting Bush as the ninth, follows the same revealing pattern? 

Who else knows that Christianity is the breach, the wilderness journeys of the church, and must be cut short and culminate with the establishment of the Bride work?  Who else knows about the waltz of life and the creation pattern of the church over fifteen thousand years?  Who else knows about the Nazirite vow and its ability through Yahshua to restore man and the kingdom of God, the Garden?  Who else understands the meanings of the MANY revealing Bible contradictions?  Who else understands that the test of Carmel takes place in these very days?  Who else has been able to explain the amazing and highly confirming messages of the recent hurricanes where Yahweh has once again spoken from a whirlwind?

Who else knows that Yahshua came in a female work, but will return as Immanuel in a masculine work to rule the earth?  Who else knows that the first Remnant was female in their relationship to the male second Remnant, and from the latter’s bearded mouth will be birthed Immanuel?  Who else has revealed so thoroughly the government of headcoverings as seen in the Scriptures, in the female ministry of Yahshua who covered His glory, and as testified in a woman’s own body—the hood?  Who else understands the Bride’s required covering of holding all things in common? 

Who else understands the covenant pattern evidenced in Genesis 15 by Abraham, which is the very pattern for two becoming one flesh and for the church whole, and is equally evidenced in Zechariah 4 with the two olive trees and lampstand and many other like testimonies?  Who else understands the Promised Land east of the Jordan and the Promised Land west of the Jordan, and why twelve stones were placed in the Jordan and twelve on the land in the camp?  Who else understands the twenty-four ribs and their parallel to the twenty-four elders?  Who else knows that the abomination of desolation took place when the apostles cast lots for Matthias, and that the great tribulation has been taking place for 2,000 years and must be cut short? 

Who else knows that Satan has been the head of Christianity for 2,000 years, and that Yahweh engraved an engraving of him on the continent of Africa, and duplicated that image in the Gulf of Mexico?  Who else knows that America came under an entirely destructive three-pronged curse in 1920, composed of feminism, corrupt jazz and rock music rooted all the way back to Abraham, and abortion?  Who else knows that it is a curse that women are voting and taking a place in governance and exercising headship in the home?  Who else knows that Elijah is the much-needed preacher of righteousness?  And this is not even all of the amazing truths that Yahweh has revealed to the Bride. 

Now, who else knows to walk out these eight months so as to receive the Elijah portion of the covenant with the many, its public work, and the latter rain, so as to prepare the way for Immanuel?  So are we indeed on the right path?  I would say—yes, we are on the right path!  We will soon see if this is the beginning of the much needed fulfillment.  We trust in Yahweh to lead us and provide for us.

Given the significance of this forty-day count, let us now consider its outcome whereupon the water was turned into wine at Cana.  To begin with, the comparison of the events immediately following Yahshua’s forty days and nights in the wilderness as recorded in all four Gospels is quite interesting and revealing. 

In first Remnant Matthew 4:12, we next read: “Now when Jesus heard that John had been taken into custody, He withdrew into Galilee.”  In Christianity Mark 1:14, we similarly read: “Now after John had been taken into custody, Jesus came into Galilee, preaching the gospel of God.”  But, in second Remnant Luke 4:14, we read: “And Jesus returned to Galilee in the power of the Spirit, and news about Him spread through all the surrounding district.”  As the second Remnant, this statement in Luke is quite hopeful.  First, we see the evidence of the power of the Holy Spirit.  Also, John, who had the spirit of Elijah, was not in prison.

Of course kingdom John, as in so many instances, is distinctly different.  Matthew and Mark pick up when John was taken into custody.  This took place maybe three months after Yahshua’s forty days in the wilderness, a reasonable time to conclude prior to Passover when John was beheaded (Luke 9:7f).  John was, of course, imprisoned for some period of time before Passover.  This means Mathew and Mark did not address any of the events until a few months after Yahshua came out of the wilderness.

In remarkable contrast, kingdom John fills in this space of time with unique specificity that gives us hope.  In John we find that after the forty days, Yahshua came back to the Jordan River where He had been baptized, evidently on that first day.  His return was recorded in John 1:29 with the declaration of John the Baptist.  Then we read that John saw Him on the “next day” as well, His second day after returning from the wilderness (1:35-36).  Then in John 1:43 we read that Yahshua purposed to go to Galilee, and in John 2:1 it specifically states that His arrival there was now the “third day.”  Obviously, this was counted from returning from the wilderness, and it was on this third day that He was at the wedding in Cana with the presence of His mother, Mary, where He turned the water into wine.  This specific information is not given to us without purpose, clearly speaking of Yahshua’s return on the third day, the Millennium.

But let us consider something that is quite interesting.  We have noted that both subject forty-day periods were preceded by baptisms—the former taking place in a brief moment, and the latter taking three days and three nights.  Now, in this count that is at hand for us today, instead of numbering the forty days from the relevant day of Yahshua’s resurrection on April 28, if we count those days from Passover, April 25, we get the same results as we have just discussed.  The count of forty days from Passover would take us to June 3.  But, if we then add the three days that we find in John 1 and 2, then the wedding feast takes us to the very date of my own wedding anniversary—June 6.  Either way we count this, we arrive at the June 6 date.

Now that we have noted this, let us consider another important fact.  If the wedding at Cana speaks to the time in which the water would be turned into wine, even possibly the new wine that Yahshua said He would drink with us in the Millennial kingdom (Matthew 26:29), and marks the beginning of the public ministry of the Elijah as it did so for Himself, one would wonder what the name “Cana” might mean. 

First, do not confuse Cana with Canaan, which means “low” or “to humiliate.”  It is a completely different word.  “Cana” means a “rod, stick, reed, or even staff.”  The “cane” people use to walk with has its root in the same word, along with “canon,” which means law or a standard whereby to judge or even to rule.  This is the same Hebrew word used extensively in the book of Ezekiel regarding the “measuring rod” that was used to measure the temple (Ezekiel 40:3).  As we are now looking for the serpent to turn back into the rod, it is obviously quite relevant that Cana indeed means “rod.”  As we see evidenced, at the rod the water in six stone waterpots used for purification is turned into wine.

And speaking of “measuring” the temple, this is what Yahshua did next in John, and the temple came up short!  Though His cleansing of the temple took place just before His crucifixion in all three other Gospels, in John it was moved all the way up to being the event following turning the water into wine (John 2:13-17).  Clearly this speaks, giving us hope that with the beginning of the public ministry of the Elijah, the temple will indeed be cleansed.  In natural chronology, this event in John is now completely out of sync, for it was at this first Passover that John the Baptist was beheaded and Yahshua fed the 5,000.  Therefore, as noted many times before, it is clear that the foremost purpose of the Scriptures is to prophesy.  Otherwise, this makes no historical sense.  Clearly this testimony in kingdom John prophesies regarding the Millennial reign, which we are entering into, and Yahweh’s temple will be cleansed.

This is all quite amazing, and if we are correct in what has been unfolding since even before October 16, if mankind had been given a million years to figure out how to receive the latter rain and prepare the way for Yahshua’s return, they could have never succeeded—NEVER!  Here is what they would have had to foresee.  First, you create a New Millennial Calendar where the sabbath is on Wednesday and the month begins at a full moon.  Then, you add a Pentecost to Tabernacles.  Now, at fifty jubilee waiting periods from the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem, you flip time so that Tabernacles is now the first of the year and not Passover.  But don’t forget Passover, because it will be significant later. 

Next, on the first Trumpets a man identifies with Satan so that later the serpent can turn into a rod.  Having made this identification, after the great eighth day you begin to count not one, not two, but three forty-nine-day periods to a Tabernacles Pentecost.  However, that Pentecost cannot be fulfilled yet, for according to Daniel 10 it has to be delayed twenty-one days.  At the end of that twenty-one-day delay, you need to gather for Passover in hope, for Daniel 9 reveals that an Elijah portion of three and a half years of the covenant with the many must begin at Passover.

However, even so there has to be another delay as now set forth by Yahshua.  This is a delay of forty days, and it must come to June 6, the fortieth wedding anniversary of Elijah, so that the miracle of the water turned into wine can be fulfilled and the serpent turn into the rod.  With this, the way for Immanuel can be performed, a work which Yahshua did not fulfill 2,000 years prior.  Thereby, work all of this out and the Son of God will come to this earth and begin to reign.  But, leave out just one of these steps, and like removing any one link from of a chain reaction, it will fail. 

No, NO ONE in ten million years could have figured this out!  And neither could we have figured it out, for we have only walked with our Husband, trusting in Him without fear.  As it is written in Revelation 14:4 regarding the “144,000” second Remnant, we have not been defiled by women, and have simply followed “the Lamb wherever He goes.”  So here we are, and we will find out if it will be successful.

What can we hope for or anticipate in the time now before us?  Quite obviously, June 6 appears to be a very important date to watch.  But, the days following would be as well.  In 1994, June 11 is when Yahweh revealed to me that what He did in the beginning of the church, He will do again at the end.  Then on June 18, one week later, He revealed for the first time the Bride, telling me that He would not give His glory to the masculine body of Christ, but to the Bride.  Then, it was very likely the following day that the Spirit came upon me for a week and a half, taking us to the end of June, revealing the incredible truths regarding the Bride, and even the key to understanding Bible contradictions.  I could ask Him any question at that time and He would answer it.  Then on August 7, my birthday, Yahweh removed me from the body of Christ, a rib was taken from it, and the Bride could then begin to be formed.

What are my plans for now as we wait for June?  Yahweh willing, I will write about the critical matters we discussed at Passover, matters that are very close to my heart.  And speaking of close to my heart, for me personally, a June fulfillment would be absolutely wonderful!  The outpouring of the Spirit that came upon me in June, 1994, was equally breached.  To begin again in June, 2009, or immediately thereafter, would repair that breach and begin completing that which was cut short.  But this time, it will be a work that possesses FAR more knowledge; is FAR more experienced; has paid the price, including many effectual intercessions; and has available an incredible amount of written, audio, and video materials.  And likewise, there are now Bride believers who are ready to labor.  Are they perfect or fully equipped or prepared?  No.  But, they are available and are desirous and willing to be Yahweh God’s obedient people.  So let it be.

Now, I pray we may apprehend that for which we have been apprehended by Yahweh.  We watch.



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